´╗┐Welcome to the E.P. School and New School Year.


WOW! We have been so busy with the new school, new students, and new teachers, it has been awesome! The new campus looks great and everyone is loving all the new space. There are 12 new NST staff members, along with all the returning teachers to may 34 total NST teachers! Counting the Thai staff the is 66 teachers in the English Programme. The students have been writing and talking about how much they love their new campus and all the great changes it has brought. We had the grand opening last week, which was attended by several VIP guest from the Ministry of Education, and the Church of Christ in Thailand. We are sure the new campus will be a blessing to all the students and to Nakorn Si Thammarat in general. We are busy jumping into the next term and getting settled into our new classrooms and offices, but will be updating with pictures and students work very soon. We welcome everyone to come by and see our new campus on the Om Kai Road just north of town across from the Mazda shop. It is big and beautiful. We also invite all NST (or anyone willing) to come by and see what great working conditions we have and join us for Ultimate Frisbee on Tuesday at 5:50pm and Football on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. It is a great time for teachers to come know each other and get some great exercise. And, as usual, all students visiting this page don’t forget to post something for a special prize. God’s love to you all, and blessing on a great new term!