Welcome to Kindergarten

So you like children and their energy? A job that is somewhat demanding but incredibly heartwarming, a job in kindergarten will ensure you have a smile on your face, well rested nights and loads of fun activites.

This program requires some unique characters who have an outgoing personality with a willingness to sing, dance and have fun with the kids! Children learn best when learning through creativity, song & dance, so in order for kids to flourish you’ll need to encourage this creativity as well as encouraging independence!

Our kindergarten teachers work with children aged between two and six, planning and carrying out activities in line with our Learning Criteria. This involves developing lesson plans that inspire and motivate children. All subjects are taught in English and we like to make our lessons really fun and creative. Each class has up to 25 students.

At kindergarten, our focus is on promoting the optimal development of our students in every way. It is our goal to instill a positive attitude to learning and provide a safe, secure environment in which to learn. We also build and maintain good relationships with parents and guardians to further support our students. In your classroom, you’ll have a thai teacher to assist you during your lessons and taking care of the children.

Our working environment in Kindergarten is very close knit. You work closely with the others in your level group, so being a team player is vital in this department.


  • Teaching for a maximum of eighteen 30minute lessons per week (a total of nine hours);
  • Motivating and stimulating children’s learning abilities, often encouraging learning through experience;
  • Providing pastoral care (eg. supervising lunch, tooth-brushing etc.) and support to children and providing them with a secure environment to learn;
  • Developing and producing visual aids and teaching resources;
  • Organising learning materials and resources and making imaginative use of them;
  • Assisting with the development of children’s personal, social and language abilities;
  • Supporting the development of children’s basic skills, including physical coordination, speech and communication;
  • Encouraging children’s mathematical and creative development through stories, songs, games, drawing and imaginative play;
  • Developing children’s curiosity and knowledge;
  • Working with others, including the Thai teachers, teaching assistants etc. to plan and coordinate work both indoors and outdoors;
  • Sharing knowledge gained with other practitioners and parents;
  • Observing, assessing and recording each child’s progress, with twice yearly exams and reports;
  • Ensuring the health and safety of children is maintained during all activities;
  • Keeping up to date with changes in the curriculum and developments in best practice.
  • Maintain the positive ethos and core values of the school.
  • Attending in-service training


  • 1 hour and 15 minute lunch break every day
  • Lunch provided by the school
  • Having your own homeroom class where you stay throughout the remainder of the day – comfort in making your own space at work!
  • Having a Thai Teacher assist you daily, you get to grow your relationship with this person and end up becoming very close!
  • Close team environment!
  • Aircon in your classrooms – never feel the heat of Thailand!

More about our campus

We have 2 nursery classes, 4 Kindergarten 1, 2 & 3 classes.

Nursery & Kindergarten 1 have a Thai teacher as well as a Thai assistant and Kindergarten 2 & 3 have a Thai teacher.