A Great Start!

We have had a great start to the New School Year. We have grown so fast! This year the English Programme has over 600 students and keeps growing everyday. We have added 3 kindergarten classes, a grade 7 and a grade 10 class. Also, we are now offering our brand new Nursery English Programme (NEP).


We would like to welcome all the new students and their parents to our family. We hope you will enjoy Srithammarat Suksa English Programme as much as we do. In addition to all the new students, we have several new teachers. We are currently updating our staff page, so check back soon to see our new and trusted faces.


We are hiring two new teachers NOW, so please see the recruitment page and email jobs@epamc.com if you can start immediately.


Upcoming events:

  • Parent/Teacher meetings are happening within the next two weeks from  May 21-June 1. Please see you calendar and your Lead Teacher for current information and times.
  • Also, June 4th is a holiday, time for another 3 day weekend!!!


Thank you to everyone for a great start to the 2012-2013 School Year. Let’s have a Great Year.

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