August update

What a month August has been! We’ve had Fun Runs, Mother’s Day, E.P Family Sports Day, Summer Camps, EV 3, Art Contests, English Contests, Debate contests and much more.

Mother’s Day was held at school on the 12th of August and was a beautiful morning ceremony. The whole auditorium was full of mothers, as this was the first year the English Program invited all mothers from grades k1-G12. It was truly amazing. It was capped by grade 9 student Tangwa’s tear bringing speech about how much she loves her mother and how much her mother has given her. Even though they aren’t from a rich family, her mother works three jobs so she can come to the English Program. Mothers and students alike were proud to be invited to such a nice ceremony.

After the mothers’ Day ceremony was E.P Family Sport Day. We played basketball, underwear relay, eggplant/orange relay, water-balloon pass and many more fun games. It was fun for everyone and we had great teacher involvement. Just look at the pictures and the laughs we had. And then off for another 4 day weekend, again!

This month Srithammarat Suksa English Program participated and won several different contests. About 30 different students won separate contests. We are so proud of each student and their achievements. Without mentioning real names, 2 of the best students won serious competitions. One grade 12 student, Fuse, won a debate contest at a local university against university and high school students from all over the south of Thailand. Great job! And one Grade 3 student, Ploy or “Super Ploy” went to a national English and Science contest in Bangkok and is now in the top 10 of the country(out of 997 that came out of only the top 1000 invited) and will go for the final stages next month. TOP 10 IN THE COUNTRY! She is truly an AMAZING STUDENT and we wish her all the luck she probably doesn’t need. The school is truly blessed to have so many amazing students.

EV 3 grades are going home on the 31st. Then it will be time to start reviewing for final tests! WOW term 1 is almost over.

Next Month-Get ready for Final Exams, Revival week, Provencal sports competition results, AND MID-TERM VACATION,,YEAHH!!!!