First Month of School

Well, we have finished the first month of school and we are happy to report everything is going great. We have so many new and wonderful teachers and students. It has been quite exciting getting to know everyone and make so many new friends. Being one of the largest English Programs in the south of Thailand is one thing, but we are just as proud to state we are the only fully staffed English Program in Nakon Sithammarat. So a big “thank you” to all our teachers, past and present, to make this such a great work environment that so many people would like to come teach at our school!!!!
In the coming weeks and days we will be having “Wai Kru Day” or teacher respect day and Sport Day. We will also be having EIP camp and have already started our special classes. So please check back often to see all our new photos and to see how well the students are doing.

The New Term 2013

WOW!! What a great start to the year we are having! As you can see we have our new swimming pool and full fitness room ready to go! The kids will begin enjoying it this week and we are so proud to offer the best facilities in Nakon Sithammarat!
We have started the new term with almost all classes filled to capacity and with a Full Staff of nearly 80 teachers!! Praise God for all our blessings!! With so many smiling faces and 3 campuses full of eager young learners it is sure to be one of the best years ever for our English Programme!
We would like to welcome all the parents for our new students in grade 1, grade 7 and grade 10 to the new parents meetings to be held at the end of this month. All meetings will begin at 4:30 in the upper room and we will introduce all the perspective teachers and discuss curriculum, schedules, classes, rules, regulations and address concerns.
Grade 7= May 27
Grade 10=May 28
Grade 1= May 29
Returning students and parents are invited to attend meetings:
Grade 2-3=May 30
Grade 4-6=May 31
We hope you will join us if you have time so we can plan the best way forward for all our students and the E.P. Family!
A big WELCOME to everyone and please visit our page often for updated photos and activities!!