Welcome Back To School!!!!

Welcome Back to school everybody!!!!

We are so excited to begin the new school year! What a Great first day. It was great seeing all our old students as well as some new faces. We have some amazing new teachers at our school to work alongside all our great returning teachers. We’re getting very busy right now preparing for and meeting our students and co-workers. Please check back in a week or so for an update about our school and the English Programme.

Finals Time!!!!

IT’S FINALS TIME- We hope all the students are prepared and do well on their finals this week and next. Good luck to everyone! We know you will try your best!

The end of the School year is upon us and we will be busy with testing, grading, calculating and planning for next term. Please be patient with us, if we can not immediately reply to your comments.

NEW JOBS– Due to unexpectedly high student enrollment in the Kindergarten program, we are now opening 4 classrooms at each level. K1-K3 Please see the recruitment page.

ALSO-We will now have BoriBon PeeSet, or ‘A Very Special Nursery Class’, this is only for 20 students so enroll quickly!


Check out the pictures below of our recent awards ceremony for our Primary Students. Good Job to everyone!



Sithammarat, Srithammarat, and AMC EP would like to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We will be going on our 11 day Christmas break and will return to school on January 4th. Another GREAT reason to work for a loving Christian School! It is our wish that all the students, parents and teachers, along with everyone in the World, will learn, know and love the true meaning of Christmas. We hope that everyone will enjoy the love of the Father and remember to Love One Another.

Congratulations to all the students who won places in the English Contest! We have many students that placed very high and several that came in 1st place. Each one of you are great! We are very proud of you!

Thank you to all the parents, teachers and students that have helped decorate the school. And thanks for helping with the Christmas show and activities. We are looking forward to our annual Christmas party and hope all will be able to attend.

We will posting several Job Openings at the beginning of January. So, if you are ready to come work in a wonderful and very beautiful place at an awesome school, please stay tuned to our recruitment page!


King’s Birthday and Father’s Day Update


December 5th is Fathers’ Day as well as the birthday of His Royal Highness King Bhumibol Adulyadej here in Thailand. We celebrated Fathers’ Day with a beautiful ceremony honoring the King and the father’s of our students during morning. It was a wonderful time and we were blessed to host so many proud fathers. The students made special gifts and presented them to their fathers. Also, there was an exhibition of art by of their fathers and the King. Special guest speakers came to honor the King and prizes were given to Honorary fathers for the students and teaches.

There was a special dance by the students and the fathers wonderfully sang a song. It was an amazing celebration and gave all the foreign staff an opportunity to experience a Thai Holiday and Thai Culture. That afternoon, the students preformed tasks to “better the Kingdom” as set out in the King’s speech. The students went to clean up some of the local temples, the Christian cemetery and the entire campus. Afterwards, we came back to campus to decorate for Christmas. It was a great way to end the day and head off for a 3 day weekend. Please see the lovely photos in our gallery.
Next Monday is Constitution day, so we will be having another 3 day weekend, followed by one week of work. After that, we have our long Christmas break.
Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more post and the results of the English Contest.

English Contest and Congratulations!

Hello Everyone!

We are having an English Contest on November 26. We welcome and encourage anyone and everyone to compete, regardless of how good you are. If you want to enter, please go to the main building on our main campus and you can enter there. If you want to learn more about the competition, please visit our school’s main website at www.sss.ac.th


Also, we would like to extend our Congratulations to Pisat Payoonthamnongtithi in Grade 3B. He recently participated in a Spelling bee at Anuban Jangwat and he came in 1st Place! Good Job Pisat!

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

We hope everyone had a great Mid-Term Break and has made it back safely for the second semester. There were several student trips to Bangkok, Chaing-Mai, and Phuket. All the students loved their time together and really enjoyed the festivities. As always, Term 2 will go by very quickly and the G. 12’s are already in their special tutoring for their national tests. So, get ready and hang on!

We will be having an ASEAN fair in November. Please check back for the exact dates and times of the activities being hosted. The English Contest will be on the 26th of November, so please see the main school site: www.sss.ac.th to sign up.

Although the weather in Nakorn is fine and we are enjoying normal weather patterns, we would like to say a prayer and a blessing for the flood victims in Bangkok and the northern parts of Thailand. We hope that the situation will improve soon.


Also, all Job positions have been filled at this time. Please check back in January as we will be hiring several positions then!

End of 1st Term Update!

Wow!, What a great 1st term. The students have finished all their exams and it looks like we have completed another term of school successfully. We would like to say thank you to all the students and teachers for working so hard these last few weeks. It is always such a push for everyone involved. But, it went great and the scores look really good. We would also like to wish everyone a happy holiday and hope that you will enjoy your mid-term break. Please be safe and, as always, may God guide and protect us.

Also, Welcome Teacher Jenny! The Kindergarten Job has been filled and we look forward to working with Jenny in the next term. We have also decided to open a Primary Music Teacher position. So, please see the recruitment page for more details.

Happy Duan Sip and Happy Mid-Term Break!! See you on October 25.