Welcome To School 2010

Welcome back to school!  We hope you all had a restful and relaxing summer vacation. As the year progresses, We are counting on you to become an integral member of the school community. Education is a partnership that cannot occur without the support of every staff member, the involvement of every parent, and the commitment of every student. Let's make this year a successful one! May god bless you all " My child,keep my words and treasure up my commands in your own keeping"  Proverbs 7:1

NEW Enrollment

One more chance for everyone who is late to sign up for the new  semester  can enroll in The  English Programme at Srithammaratsuksa school you can come to sign up again  personally  at The English programme office in Building 9 on 22 February 2010. The office will be open week day (07.00 -16.00).

English contest results

English Contest Results UPDATE: The results are back from the English Contest please see www.sss.ac.th/acttivi2009/english/menu.htm It looks like Srithammarat English Programme did well and Nakorn Si thammarat, as a whole, did very well in the Anuban and Primary divisions. While schools from Phangna , Songkla, Trang and Suratani did quite well in the Secondary divisions. Congratulations to all the students that tried their best. We sincerely hope this will help give the students confidence and experience moving forward. Overview: Srithammarat Suksa English Programme had Kindergarten =6 out of the top 10, 16 out of the top 20 Primary 1-3= 3 out of top 10, with Ploy from grade 2 in first place (testing against grade 3) Primary 4-6= 4 out of the top 10 (Sirida from grade 5 tied for 3rd, testing against grade6) Again, great job to all the students and a big thanks to all the students and teachers from all the schools in the area that participated in the contest!

English contest

English Contest Sithammrat Suksa School recently held their annual "English Contest" where over 2000 students, from 5 provinces, ages 4-18 came to test there English abilities. English Contest XVI was a great sucess with so many smiling faces and eager minds trying their best. This was the first year in which English Program students from all schools were seperated from regular program students for both the wrtitten and oral parts (matthayom) of the test. The contest is put on by the school with only minimal help from the E.P. It is great to see so many people involved with English and young learners using the language! The results will be out on the 12 of Dec, so check back to see if you know any of the bright young English learners. The English Program is proud of all the students who participated in the English contest and hopes they will continue to study hard and keep reaching for the best!

Grade 4 Museum trip

Grade 4 went to the City Museum in Tung Talad Park on Tuesday. We studied the history and geography of Nakhon Si Thammarat, as we are trying to find the answer to the question 'Why did Nakhon Si Thammarat become a big city?' for our Language Arts class. We had a great day!

Welcome Back

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back! We hope everyone had a great vacation and are ready for a fresh start to term 2. Just as vacation seemed to fly by, don't forget term 2 usually seems to go much faster with all the holidays and special days. All students enjoyed their mid-term break camps to several different resort areas around Thailand. As we start off the new term some upcoming dates of interest are Loy Kratong, November 2, where all Thais will go to float there banana leaf boats down the river to represent the coming rainy season (for the south) and to wash away their troubles. Term 2 field trips will start around Nov. 17th. Trip to Bangkok for the E.P. contest on Nov. 21st and the Srithammarat Suksa English Contest on Nov. 28th. This is going to be a great term so check the website for more updates.

E.P. Sports days

English Program Sport’s Day Last week, the Matthayom and Prattom English programs joined together for a fun-filled afternoon of sports competitions.  Every student was on one of four sport teams, each represented by a different color.  Points were added to teams that finished or won a variety of games.  The events started out with a message from the director of our school, which was followed by two separate basketball games played by teachers and students.  Afterward a variety of sports games including hit the pot, underwear relay, sack races, and water balloon tosses were also played.  In between each game, student teams held cheering contests.  Overall twas a great way for students to cheer, play, and have fun together.

School closed

School Closed for 1 week In a bold move, designed to stop the spread of illness through the school, the govenors have decided to close the school for 1 week. Sithammarat Suksa is the first school in the area to make such a move, but other schools are sure to follow suit. Hopefully this will pass quickly, allowing us to return to the normal routine.

Growing with K1

The students of Kindergarten 1, Class Two, with Teacher Nathalie, have so much to talk about when they go back home! They know all about the life cycle of the butterfly after a fun but intensive two week project.  They have been very active and their enthusiasm was the best reward for the teachers!  For example, in class we worked with the excellent book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".  We made a story board from that book and played games!  We sang a 'homemade' caterpillar song. We made different crafts. We had our own cocoon with its caterpillar and waited for it to turn into a butterfly.  But they were not real, so we went outside every day for a week to look for the real things! We were so lucky that there was a tree full of white fluffy caterpillars eating up all the leaves! Students had to count and record the caterpillars and butterflies they saw every day.  What a great way to learn, while taking in some fresh air and enjoying nature! We are now watching our seeds growing into plants.  We need to remember all those new words, but most of all, not to forget to water them just the right amount! Until next time, keep learning and having fun, Teacher Nathalie