Christian Education Community Outreach


As part of Srithammarat Suksa’s mission to exemplify Christian values in the community at large Grade 8 (Mattayom 2)and 9 (Mattayom 3) students recently volunteered to help less fortunate students in nearby rural communities. Teacher JJ’s Christian Education classes M2/15 and M3/15 proposed community outreach programs to better understand the spirit of charity and joy of giving. The classes decided on a plan to go to local impoverished rural schools and give needed school supplies to students. But giving is more than material, and the students planned to give of their time as well. English Program students led various activities and games with the local students, testing their academic knowledge and other important abilities.

After the activities all of the students ate lunch together before the Srithammarat Suksa students had to return to campus. The students of Pak Nam Bapun School and Ban Huay Sai School were left with notebooks, pens, household goods and the memories . Srithammarat Suksa English Program students and Teachers JJ, Mac and Jordan left with a new experience and a new understanding of charity and the joy of giving.