Commemorating Sunthorn Phu Day

Srithammaratsuksa School English Programme was honouring Sunthorn Phu, Thailand’s best-known royal poet in the Rattanakosin era, on June 22, 2012.

“Sunthorn Phu, also known as Phra Sunthorn Vohara is Thailand’s best-known royal poet whose imaginative works rise to its present heights in the Rattanakosin period. 

Sunthorn Phu’s career as a royal poet began in the reign of King Rama II, and ended in the reign of King Rama III, where he worked as a royal scribe until the last days of his life. 

He was particularly renowned for composing verse, and his most memorable works include Nirat Phukaothong, Nirat Suphan, and the Phra Aphai Mani saga. His most epic tale, Phra Aphai Mani, follows the titular character, Prince Aphai Mani, a Byronic hero, in his romantic adventures throughout ancient Thailand. 

After his death, Sunthorn Phu left an insurmountable legacy of poems that have become famous over time because of their description of Thai history, which led to Sunthorn Phu becoming established as the Thai Poet Laureate.”

Activities of the event included the performance of “Ka Ki” by students of grade 10 – 12,  Phee Sur Samut (Giant Sea) Contest, and writing poems commemorating Sunthorn Phu.