English contest results

English Contest Results

UPDATE: The results are back from the English Contest

please see www.sss.ac.th/acttivi2009/english/menu.htm

It looks like Srithammarat English Programme did well and Nakorn Si thammarat, as a whole, did very well in the Anuban and Primary divisions. While schools from Phangna , Songkla, Trang and Suratani did quite well in the Secondary divisions. Congratulations to all the students that tried their best. We sincerely hope this will help give the students confidence and experience moving forward.

Overview: Srithammarat Suksa English Programme had

Kindergarten =6 out of the top 10, 16 out of the top 20

Primary 1-3= 3 out of top 10, with Ploy from grade 2 in first place (testing against grade 3)

Primary 4-6= 4 out of the top 10 (Sirida from grade 5 tied for 3rd, testing against grade6)

Again, great job to all the students and a big thanks to all the students and teachers from all the schools in the area that participated in the contest!