English contest

English Contest

Sithammrat Suksa School recently held their annual “English Contest” where over 2000 students, from 5 provinces, ages 4-18 came to test there English abilities. English Contest XVI was a great sucess with so many smiling faces and eager minds trying their best. This was the first year in which English Program students from all schools were seperated from regular program students for both the wrtitten and oral parts (matthayom) of the test. The contest is put on by the school with only minimal help from the E.P. It is great to see so many people involved with English and young learners using the language!
The results will be out on the 12 of Dec, so check back to see if you know any of the bright young English learners. The English Program is proud of all the students who participated in the English contest and hopes they will continue to study hard and keep reaching for the best!