Students received Honorable Mention from EGCO

Congratulations to Ms. Jeeranai  Jirattikul (G.11A), Ms. Suriwipa   Suwannek (G.11A), Mr. Angkul   Pon-gaew (G.10A), Ms. Bangpan  Rattanasuwan (G.8B),  Mr. Suttipat  Prateeppichai (G.9A), and Ms. Mingsiri  Tanmook (G.9B), students of Srithammaratsuksa School English Programme who participated to “ECGO’s Build Undersea Homes” project at Kanom and received Honorable Mention award from EGCO.

“ECGO’s Build Undersea Homes” project is a six year project since 2007 to let students from many schools create by drawing and painting the containers which soon to be the new home for the undersea. Students from English Programme participated to this project on June 20, 2012 which they had to start creating their work by the title of “The Relationship of Ecosystem” from 9 am to 3 pm. Moreover, students had to present their work and gave a speech to judges. Year of 2012 is the last year of this project and our students did their great job and received the Honorable Mention award on June 27, 2012.