Finals for 2010-2011

Well it has been a year to remember. Ups and downs with the sadness of losing one of our teachers. Angelo, we love you and miss you. But, the end is here and we will focus on the positive, as usual.

We are so proud of all our students, and happy to say they are all completing their work and most have done great! All of our students have tested and recived high marks and been excepted to their school of choice. Great Job Guys! Almost all our classes are full and we have opened up two new classes in the E.P. and We will be introducing our new English Immersion Programme (a cross between regular and EP) in the new term. We have already filled 6 class in this new program for grades 4-6, and will be offering a mini EIP to grades 7 and 8.

We are also gearing up for the move to the new campus. This is so exciting and a good way to show the effort we make with our students to build the best program we can. The move might be a little difficult at first, but being in a new facility with all new computers, sports equipment, science rooms and our own English speaking campus will be GREAT for our program. We can’t wait to build more and help more students enjoy and use the English language to develop their studies.

Also I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers in the English Programme that have made this year such a success. We have an awesome team and are truely blessed to have such a good group of educators with us. We still have a few slots left on our team if you would like to join us. Please have a look at the recruitment page and send us and email to

We have two groups of students leaving for Singapore and Malaysia next week. Then our annual Summer Camp starts on April 4. If you would like the join the camp you may send an email or see you Thai site at

We wish everyone a happy summer break and hope to see you next term at the new school!