First Full Month-Holiday-Wai Kru Day

The first full 5 weeks of school have come on really fast. We have had several special events, meetings, pre-tests and holidays! We hope everyone enjoyed “Visakh Bucha Day” and enjoyed the experience of the thousands of candles circling the famous “Wat Pramatat” temple here in Nakorn Srithammarat.

It has been a busy first month. We have had several Parent-Teacher meetings so far and have been getting to know one another and working together as one giant family! We would like to say thank you to all of the parents who have attended and given us feedback and encouragement. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful E.P. family!

In Thailand, Wai Kru Day is a special day where students pay respect to their teachers. It is a beautiful ceremony with flowers, speeches, songs and poems. This year was exceptionally nice with wonderful weather and a beautiful ceremony organized by the grade 12 students themselves. We had many special guests attend the ceremony. Some of our retired teachers from joined us at the new English Programme campus. All of the new NES teachers were given flowers and welcomed by both students and older teachers. It was truly a wonderful ceremony enjoyed by all. Please see our photo gallery for a glimpse of this precious event.

Srithammarat also just finished our Christian Teachers Retreat Weekend. It was a nice time at the beach to relax and get to know one another better and worship together.

Time is going by fast and we are well underway. The first Evaluation Period (EV 1) is coming up in the next few weeks. We encourage all students to stay on top of their studies and any parents or students with questions to contact your homeroom teachers.

The new staff page is up and looking good! Please have a look to see all the bright new teachers and staff members, as well as all our returning teachers, to the E.P. family staff.

Upcoming Events Include: EV1, Thai Teachers Seminar, Special Missionary Weekend Camp, Church of Christ Visit, Foreign Teachers Retreat and AMC Sport Day. FUN!!!!!