Grade 1 Field Trip

Recently 50 grade 1 and 2 students took a trip to Saai Gaew Beach in Nakhon Sri Thammarat to study various types of soil and to visit the Saai Gaew Beach Museum.  To help supervise, and enjoy some beach themselves, teachers Simon, Susan, Kris, Jiab, Nok, Suwanee, and Chris went along.

When we arrived, the students were separated into 6 different groups and were asked to collect samples of sand, garden soil and clay.  Each group then conducted its own experiment draining water through the different soil types.  We discovered that the sand provided the fastest and most effective drainage, while the clay gave the least effective drainage, allowing almost no water to pass through it.  After the students recorded the results of their experiments in their Field Trip books, we enjoyed lunch on the beach.

After lunch, we had a look at the Saai Gaew Beach Museum. The museum has 2 rooms full of different historical artifacts, such as traditional weapons, clay pots, animal skeletons and animal traps. We asked the students to draw a picture of 2 different items from the museum and to determine what material the item was made from (pots made of clay, glass made from sand etc..).

From the museum, we walked back to the beach where the children had an hour or so of free time to play and swim.  After this, we all made sandcastles together. Some of the castles were quite elaborate, incorporating sticks, shells and even the students themselves.

We returned to school that afternoon, a little bit darker and a little bit wiser.