Growing with K1

The students of Kindergarten 1, Class Two, with Teacher Nathalie, have
so much to talk about when they go back home!

They know all about the life cycle of the butterfly after a fun but
intensive two week project.  They have been very active and their
enthusiasm was the best reward for the teachers!  For example, in class
we worked with the excellent book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  We
made a story board from that book and played games!  We sang a
‘homemade’ caterpillar song. We made different crafts. We had our own
cocoon with its caterpillar and waited for it to turn into a
butterfly.  But they were not real, so we went outside every day for
a week to look for the real things! We were so lucky that there was a
tree full of white fluffy caterpillars eating up all the leaves!
Students had to count and record the caterpillars and butterflies they
saw every day.  What a great way to learn, while taking in some fresh air
and enjoying nature!

We are now watching our seeds growing into plants.  We need to
remember all those new words, but most of all, not to forget to water
them just the right amount!

Until next time, keep learning and having fun,
Teacher Nathalie