July was a fun and busy month

July was a fun and busy month here in beautiful Thailand. July was full of learning activities for our students and teachers.  We had Sports Day, Mid-Terms, field trips, GPAT’s, and a nice long holiday! Just have a look at all our pictures and all the smiling faces and you will see what fun we’ve had.

Sports Day-The students had their annual sports color day where they enjoyed a parade through town and watching their color teams in various track and field events. Congratulations to the White team on a narrow victory.  Congratulations to the M4-M5 classes who did a great job in setting up and rehearsing cheers and costumes that made sports day fun for all the students.

Field Trips-All classes got to go on fieldtrips to universities, and agricultural centers around the area. It was a fun time for all the students and teachers.  It provided good exposure to life at university and helped make a good opening for our EP garden.

EP Garden-The Primary program has started their EP garden and had a great day with parent and student volunteers getting the soil ready. We will be posting pictures of the “fruits” of their labors very soon.

Mid-Terms went well and just in time for the 4-day weekend. Congratulations to all the students who did so well on their tests.

The grade 12 students started taking GPAT exams and will be getting grades and pointers very soon. We hope all the students will do well and get accepted to their top choice universities.

Another Congratulations to Teacher David on the birth of his new son. May God bless him and their family! We know how proud the father is and can’t wait to meet the new born.

Coming up in August!!!

In-House Teacher Training on Aug 4th with Mac Hagen giving presentations on openings and warmers.

Debate training seminar at Walailak University for students and teachers.

Mother’s Day celebrations

Another 4-day Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J

EP Fun Day

EV 3 and much, much more.