King’s Birthday and Father’s Day Update


December 5th is Fathers’ Day as well as the birthday of His Royal Highness King Bhumibol Adulyadej here in Thailand. We celebrated Fathers’ Day with a beautiful ceremony honoring the King and the father’s of our students during morning. It was a wonderful time and we were blessed to host so many proud fathers. The students made special gifts and presented them to their fathers. Also, there was an exhibition of art by of their fathers and the King. Special guest speakers came to honor the King and prizes were given to Honorary fathers for the students and teaches.

There was a special dance by the students and the fathers wonderfully sang a song. It was an amazing celebration and gave all the foreign staff an opportunity to experience a Thai Holiday and Thai Culture. That afternoon, the students preformed tasks to “better the Kingdom” as set out in the King’s speech. The students went to clean up some of the local temples, the Christian cemetery and the entire campus. Afterwards, we came back to campus to decorate for Christmas. It was a great way to end the day and head off for a 3 day weekend. Please see the lovely photos in our gallery.
Next Monday is Constitution day, so we will be having another 3 day weekend, followed by one week of work. After that, we have our long Christmas break.
Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more post and the results of the English Contest.