Matayom 1 and 4 Field Trips

In the third week of this second semester students of Matayom 1 (Grade 7) and Matayom 4 (Grade 10) went out from school to learn firsthand some of the topics being covered in their classes in the English Program at Srithammarat Suksa.

M1 students were studying about international trade as part of their Social Studies course with Teacher Jordan. After having covered renewable and non-renewable resources, sustainable use, imports, exports and international trade students first went to the Nakhon Si Thammarat City Museum. Museum Guides showed the students around the 2 buildings which illustrate the history of Nakhon Si Thammarat from stone age beginnings, through its development as an independent trading empire to its current status as part of Thailand. Teacher Jordan spent time with the students focusing on the displays of past products and exports of Nakhon Si Thammarat, including animal skins, elephant tusks, rhino horns, bees wax, jungle hardwoods and other forest products.

Two days later the M1s again went out, this time accompanied by the M4 class. M4 was studying “Natural Resources, Human Activity and the Economy” in their Economics class. They had been introduced to the unit with an overview of the food production industry, from farming to product packaging, transportation, sales and preparation. The M1s, having just learned about Nakhon’s trading days past, were ready to see modern day Nakon Si Thammarat as still an active importer-exporter. The 2 classes went to the local Carrefour Hypermarket to see how this international company brings food and other products from around the world to our city.

The 2 classes started with a scavenger hunt in the store, looking to see who could find products from the most countries- the winner was Stayfannie of class 1/16 who found various products from 14 different foreign countries. After this introduction, students were taken behind the scenes to learn about the supply and distribution of food and other products coming from Nakhon to the world and from the world to Nakhon. Both the PR specialist and the Fruit and Vegetable Managers spoke to the classes in the executive meeting room on the 5th floor. Students were treated to Carrefour bakery products and had the chance to answer questions to win prizes after the presentation. After the tour students here happy to eat in the food court, enjoying Japanese food, KFC or Thai food.

The outing to Carrefour was a new addition to the curriculum and will likely be used again next year, as it was well received by the students and a great real-life application of knowledge from the Economics and Social Studies curriculum. Our thanks to both the Nakhon Si Thammarat City Museum and Carrefour NST branch for their help in enriching our students education.