Ongoing Teacher Development

Sithammarat Suksa School is committed to teacher development and often sends teachers for training, conferences or developmental seminars.  This is in addition to our continual in-house training, counseling and observations.  They have shown this once again by sending a group of representatives to the “Four Corners Seminar” presented by Cambridge University Press.

Through this seminar we learned about using Critical Thinking, Communicative and Creative approaches to teaching.  We also picked up activities to use in the classroom as well as how to use “real world” texts to apply specific learning outcomes.  As with any conference we were able to meet other professionals, talk about how good our school is, and pick up new ‘buzz’ words.  Perhaps just as importantly we learned that we have an excellent staff, and that our in-house training had covered several of the main topics presented (go T. Mac!!).  And, of course, we learned what new and improved ESL books are on the market from Cambridge.  The teachers involved have shared there knowledge with the rest of the staff and hopefully the students will benefit from the privilege the school has afforded the English teachers.