September Update

WOW!! September is here. Only a few weeks of school left this term before our long break! We hope all our students are doing well on there EV 3’s and getting ready for our review period!

We had many more students win awards recently and we would like to give them a big WELL DONE! You will see from the pictures there are too many to list but everyone had done great! So many new trophy’s’ and the boxes of medals were unbelievable.
We would like to thank the Revenue Department that came to the school with gifts and sports equipment. They also gave a very good presentation to the Mathayom students about fiscally preparing for the future.

Upcoming events-
Next week, Payap University will be here for their annual Christian Education and Fun camp. All students will be attending at different times and the students look forward to it each year.

On September 3, Sithammarat will be hosting our annual Computer Contest. If you would like to join please sign up at our sister site

Sept 15-Post tests

Finals start on September 19th, good luck to everyone!!