Sports Day July 2011

Srithammarat Sport Day was July 9th and what a great time it was! The students loved preparing and getting ready for their big day. The parade was magnificent as the English Programme won first place for their floats and costumes. Great job English Programme! A special thanks for all the grade 11 and 12 students who organized all the materials and came up with their own ideas and themes. An even bigger THANK YOU to all the Mathayom teachers that worked extra hard and long hours to make it all come together in the end. Also a big thanks to Teacher Lauren, Teacher Jake, and Teacher Emma for dressing up and walking in the parade with the students. You all looked beautiful and did a great job representing the school.

The English Programme also did well in the sporting events. This year was our first year being our own team and we finished 2nd over all. So great job Red and White team! Many students won medals and some placed first or second in their races. It was a fun time and we all learned about team work and patience. Great Job.

EV2’s are coming up next week after the long weekend, so we hope and pray all the students will study and be ready. It’s hard to believe this term is already half over. Good luck to everyone. We know our students will do well.

As always, please take a look at our gallery to see photos of the sports day and parade.  Thank you for viewing the English Programme website.