t lukanacropTeacher Luckana Mitrakul - Head of English Programme

Mrs. Luckana Mitrakul was born in Chiang Mai, the Northern province of Thailand.

She has been working at Sithammarat Suksa School for 26 years; she started working at the kindergarten in 1990 and stayed there for 11 years before moving to the English Programme in 2001.  She loves teaching and she is proud to live a teacher’s life.

Teacher Luckana has also served as a Church Elder at Bethlehem Church in Nakhon Si Thammarat.  She has enjoyed spending time working in the Church and sharing the word of God.  Sithammarat Suksa School and Bethlehem Church are both part of the Church of Christ in Thailand.  Teacher Luckana and the CCT value the importance of ministry in school and church to serve people, who are all the children of God.


siripit 3Teacher Siripit Thongliamnak - Coordinator of English Programme

Siripit is a coordinator of the foreign teachers in English Programme this year. She graduated a Master degree in Education from Prince of  Songkla University. She was a head of English Programme since 2001-2015 and now she changes her position to be the  coordinator of the foreign teachers of English Program because she always looks for the opportunity  do new things to develop the school.

She says she is lucky enough to have a beautiful facility with which an informal yet academic atmosphere has developed. She says she has a wonderful team working with her now.
As part of her interest in English; she has done a lot of traveling. She has been to the USA, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia Vietnam and was an AFS exchange teacher in Australia. She also encourages some of her Thai students to take the opportunity to study abroad.

She likes to work here because she’s always had an interest in the English language and it gives her so much satisfaction to watch the students develop their language skills while they are studying within the program.


Mattayom (Secondary) Teachers

kris1Teacher Kris - Lead Teacher/Homeroom Teacher 9A

Teacher Kris is from Bristol, England. He has lived in Thailand for over three years and was previously teaching in Angthong province. He loves to travel and is always keen to see new places. He likes Football, Swimming and Scuba Diving. He enjoys cooking and eating seafood.


berretTeacher Berret  - Homeroom Teacher 7B

Teacher Berret is from Shreveport, Louisiana.  She studied Marketing in university but after a year of working with a big company she decided to try something new. She came to Thailand over 10 years ago and she's been teaching and loving life here ever since. Teacher Berret joined Sri Thammarat Suksa school in 2009.  Since then she has taught mostly English to all levels in the high school program and this year she will be teaching Social classes.  She loves traveling, reading, cooking and relaxing in all of the beautiful places around Thailand.


omarTeacher Omar-Homeroom Teacher 8B

Teacher Omar is from the USA. He has lived in New York City, Miami, San Francisco and many other places in the United States. Teacher Omar studied Music at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. He has been in Thailand for seven years and was previously teaching English and Computers in Thasala. Teacher Omar loves the beautiful beaches and waterfalls of Thailand and all the great students he has. When he isn't teaching, Teacher Omar loves playing music on the guitar and playing Frisbee and Football.


kyleTeacher Kyle - English Teacher

Kyle fell in love with South East Asia during 4 months of traveling. Thailand was by far his favorite country and is what lead him to teaching in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. He is from a film making background as he completed his Honors Degree in Scriptwriting and Film Directing. He has a deep love for movies, music and comic books. Kyle is an English teacher in the Suksa regular program and teaches both M2 and M5. The people of Nakhon have proven to be some of the friendliest people he has met and he looks greatly forward to exploring the city and its surrounding beauty.


nicola jordanTeacher Nicola - Homeroom Teacher 7A

My name is Nicola Jordaan. I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2013 with a BA Degree in Sport Science and Psychology. I worked for Disney cruise line for 2 years as a lifeguard on their private island in the Bahamas before i decided to come work as a teacher in Thailand. I love adventure and traveling. I love to surf and the ocean is a big part of my life. I try to live life to the fullest and make memories along the way. I am excited for this year and I know it is going to be a good one.


laura watsonTeacher Laura - Homeroom Teacher 8A

Teacher Laura comes from the South of New Zealand. She has been in Thailand for one year now initially teaching in Sisaket, Isan. She completed her degree at Otago University majoring in Film, Media and Communication. Teacher Laura enjoys running, travelling, skiing and beaches. Before arriving in Thailand last year she was working in Western Australia and London, UK. This year she will be teaching English to Grade's 7 and 8, and teaching Social Studies to Grade 10.


stuart wilsonTeacher Stuart Wilson - Homeroom Teacher 9C

Teacher Stu is from England and has been living and teaching in Thailand for five years. He has taught at both Pratum and Matayom levels in Sichon, where he lives with his girlfriend. His two great passions in life, aside from teaching (of course) are music and literature and he spends most of his free time occupied with one of them. He plays the drums and is always on the lookout for a chance to play live music. He will be teaching science to grades 8 & 9.

Prathom (Primary) Teachers

jeremy adamTeacher Jeremiah – Grade 4B Homeroom Teacher /Lead Teacher

Jeremiah came to Thailand from Alberta, Canada but he grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada and Northern Minnesota, USA.  He has been teaching at Srithammarat Suksa for over 2 years and plans to stay here for a few more years. Jeremiah has recently gotten married to another teacher in the English Program.  When he’s not at school he is usually busy studying university courses online; he plans to one day complete a Master’s degree in Psychology.  In his free time he enjoys photography, cycling, Ultimate Frisbee, swimming, exercising, reading fiction and watching movies.


steveTeacher Steve – Grade 5B Homeroom Teacher

Steve has a BA degree in Development Studies, specializing in Indian history. He has a long interest in Asian culture and has been teaching in Thailand for thirteen years. Steve's happily married and often spends weekends relaxing on his Thai family's farm. He enjoys reading, writing and regularly blogs on his teaching website. Steve is on his 3rd year teaching English to grade 5 and will be homeroom teacher for 5B.


frankieTeacher Francesca - Homeroom Teacher 3A

Teacher Frankie is from Auckland , New  Zealand and moved between Australia and New Zealand while she was growing up.  She completed a bachelors in history and philosophy as well as a post-graduate diploma in Education.  Teacher Frankie loves spending time out in the sun, at a beach or waterfall, but is just as happy to read a book or watch a movie.  She loves working with her grade 3 students and co teachers and is looking forward to another fun-filled year.


t. nick stewart (barry allen)

Teacher Nicholas - Physical Education

Teacher Nick is a Canadian Teacher who has an Honours Bachelor degree in English with a minor in Religious Studies. He has also recently completed his Bachelors of Education. This is Teacher Nick’s second year teaching. This year he is looking forward to teaching English to Prathom 6A and 6B. He is extremely excited to be a part of such a wonderful program and to be in such a beautiful country. In his spare time, Teacher Nick loves to play Frisbee, ride his bike and to run. He also loves to rock climb when he has the time to do so.


brian bearTeacher Brian - Homeroom Teacher 3B

Teacher Brian Bear is from the USA. He lived in Virginia and North Carolina. He studied Psychology at University of North Carolina at Wilmington. In America he liked to go beach and he still continues to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Thailand. He is a big fan of movies. His favorite sports to play are ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. He also just recently became a scuba diver. Teacher Brian loves being in Thailand and may consider staying longer.



Teacher Kay is a Canadian teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Bachelor of Education in primary years. This will be her third year teaching at Si Thammarat Suksa and second year as a grade 2 homeroom teacher. She can’t wait to get to know all of her students and watch them grow in P2 this year! In her spare time she loves to eat noodles, drink tea and read! She also loves to travel and can’t wait to explore more of this beautiful country. You can view her portfolio and classroom website at:


Anuban (Kindergarten) Teachers

maryTeacher Mary - Lead Teacher

Mary Wright worked in Molecular Biotechnology before retraining as a primary school teacher at one of the best teacher training schools in the UK. Two years later, Mary became a Gifted and Talented Leading Teacher for her local school cluster. For this role, Mary was specially trained to identify children with gifts and talents, and to help students to reach their potential. Mary has thirteen years of experience in schools and has completed many excellent training courses. She has a degree in History and Psychology, and gained credits in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. She has trained as a Life Coach and a TV presenter. Mary seeks to pass on all of her knowledge of education and learning to her students so that they may go on to create a wonderful future. Mary is also a keen singer and dancer and has taught dance and yoga in schools.


bridgette ferranTeacher Bridgette - Teacher K 3/4

Teacher Bridgette is from San Francisco, California. She has a B.A. in International Relations and is TESOL certified. She has lived and taught in Thailand for 1 year and loves teaching here! When she's not at school Teacher B loves spending time with animals, hiking, taking pictures, trying new foods and most of all just exploring the beautiful country around her.


jamie donaldson 2Teacher Jamie - Anuban Teacher K2/5

Teacher Jamie is from the land of beautiful weather all-year-round, England. When he's not dazzling audiences with his version of Hamlet, he's in the kitchen as he is an accomplished chef. His chicken a-la-mode is to die for. Up on his bucket list are riding an emu and actually voting in an election. He hopes to accomplish both by the end of the year. He's very happy to be teaching Kindergarten this year!


ben j.Teacher Ben - Teacher K 3/2

Benjamin Jenkins is a 28 year old teacher from England who has lived in Thailand for nearly 2 years.  He loves to read and watch movies in his spare time which is why he studied literature and film studies at university.  He also loves to play sport and can often be found on the suksa fields throwing a frisbee or kicking a football.  Benjamin is also a very keen photography and is happiest when snapping pictures of beautiful Thai wildlife at the many waterfalls and forests he visits.


tcTeacher Anthony - Teacher K 2/2

Teacher TC is from New York, USA. He studied English at the State University of New York at Oswego. He has been teaching in Thailand for several years. He is dedicated to leading his wonderful Kindergarten students along a joyful educational journey and providing life-enriching lessons and experiences. In his spare time, TC loves to play guitar, read books, practice yoga, write, and play frisbee.


jessica valliTeacher Jessica -Teacher NEP 2

Teacher Jessica Valli has been teaching for ten years. She enjoys watching lakorns and thai pop music. She love nature and walking and is enjoying learning the thai language and culture. She looks forward to meeting you!


kelly greenwayTeacher Kelly Greenway - Teacher K3/1

Teacher Kelly is from Johannesburg, South Africa. She studied at the University of Pretoria where she graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development and Foundation Phase. She has three years teaching experience at a well known private school in Johannesburg. She moved to Thailand in December and completed her TESOL course in Hua Hin before moving to NST. In her spare time, Teacher Kelly likes to cook, run, travel and cuddle animals.

sudi kianTeacher Sudi Kian - Teacher K1/2

Teacher Sudi is from Melbourne Australia. She has a bachelor of creative arts from the university of Wollongong. She has visited Thailand many times and is very excited to be living here. She has previously taught English to children in Japan. Her hobby is photography and she loves to travel and try new cuisines.


EIP (English Immersion Program) and Regular Program Teachers

marlonTeacher Marlon - Regular Program

My name is Marlon Henry. I was born in Jamaica but moved to England when I was 9. I grew up in Liverpool and moved to London to study at the University of Hertfordshire. I completed a law major and worked just outside of London before coming to Thailand. I have been in Thailand for 4 years now, two of which was spent in Yala. I'm still enjoying the Thai experience and learning a little more every day. I enjoy teaching and put a lot of energy into it. In my free time I like to watch movies or read. I love sports of all types so do spent some time watching sporting activities and exercising when I can.


jorge carrilloTeacher Jorge - Regular Program

Teacher Jorge is from Texas in the United States. He graduated from West Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration.  He has taught previously in Thailand for a year before coming to NST. He likes spicy food, traveling, and reading. He really is from Texas.


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