Welcome Back

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!
We hope everyone had a great vacation and are ready for a fresh start to term 2. Just as vacation seemed to fly by, don’t forget term 2 usually seems to go much faster with all the holidays and special days. All students enjoyed their mid-term break camps to several different resort areas around Thailand. As we start off the new term some upcoming dates of interest are Loy Kratong, November 2, where all Thais will go to float there banana leaf boats down the river to represent the coming rainy season (for the south) and to wash away their troubles. Term 2 field trips will start around Nov. 17th. Trip to Bangkok for the E.P. contest on Nov. 21st and the Srithammarat Suksa English Contest on Nov. 28th. This is going to be a great term so check the website for more updates.