What a fabulous month it has been!

 A few weeks ago, we had a wonderful “Wai Kru” Day. Which is a day where Thai students pay respect to their teachers.

 The students do this by crawling up and giving the teachers a bundle of flowers they have made/gathered and do the traditional Thai “Wai”. This was a beautiful morning celebration and as always brought an awesome cultural understanding to all the new foreign teachers involved. Thai students and the Thai public have a deeply rooted respect for the education system and educators. It is always an amazing celebration to take part in. Teacher Brooke, gave a great speech about her years teaching in Thailand, and how different it is teaching here than in her native America. We will all be looking forward to this ceremony again next year. We have also had parent / teacher meetings for all the grade levels. It was nice to meet the parents behind our wonderful students. It was also great to the parents to meet all the new staff and give there concerns for the new school year. We hope that all parents will want to know and be apart of their child’s journey with us in the English Program. We had our annual “E.P. Teachers Relationship dinner” where all the E.P teachers, Thai and Forgien, got together to enjoy a wonderful meal and play some fun games. Even the director came out to join us in the musical chairs and balloon popping festivities. Although we get to play together a lot at work, it is always fun time and a great reason for good food! We have just finished our first round of evaluation testing and are busy realizing that mid-term is right around the corner.Thanks to all the teachers for their hard work! July is coming with may holidays, Sport Day, Mid-Term, and Field trips! So stay tuned for more updates, and have a look at our Gallery for all the pictures! God Bless Everyone!