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Welcome to Primary

Candidates for the primary program must be patient, kind, energetic and passionate about teaching.  The Primary English Program (Prathom) consists of grades 1-6. This program forms the basis of the original English Program and consistently produces many of the top ranked students in our area. We were the first school in the area to operate an English Program for primary students and we feel the graduates speak for themselves (in English!).  

The primary classes are capped at 30 students. Each class has two homeroom teachers who work together: one Thai and one Native English Speaking. Lessons run for 50 minutes each and the students also enjoy morning, lunch and afternoon breaks. Each school year includes special events such as field trips, Arts & Music Day, Sports Day and the EP Show.

A primary teaching schedule includes 18-22 lessons per week. Teachers in grades 1-3 teach all the main subjects – English, Math, and Science – while teachers in grades 4-6 specialize by subject. Students also take lessons in Thai, Thai History, Chinese, Art, Music, Computers, Health, Career, and Sports. Teachers are provided individual desks in shared offices for time between their lessons. The work experience is a mix of collaboration, independent planning, and of course energetic teaching. We provide textbooks and outlines for all subjects and encourage our teachers to be creative with their teaching strategies and activities. We are proud to be a school filled with happy and motivated teachers and students alike!


  • Competitive salaries: 34,000-50,000 THB per month depending on qualifications and experience
  • School pays for work permits, visa extensions and other documents
  • Medical, dental, dental and prescription drug insurance
  • Yearly contract completion bonus of 26,400 THB (for 12 month contracts)
  • Buffet lunches provided in private dining room
  • Attendance bonuses
  • Around 6 weeks of PAID holidays the first year (up to 12 weeks for renewing teachers)!
  • Modern air-conditioned classrooms and offices
  • WiFi and free use of school computers
  • Orientation
  • Professional development
  • Fun & laid back environment
  • AND much much more!!!


  • Attend staff meetings
  • Supervise your students and help them learn
  • Keep a file of all academic content given to students
  • Create / revise lesson plans
  • Teach all scheduled classes
  • Make worksheets, quizzes, tests, etc. to supplement ready-made materials
  • Prepare materials for lessons
  • Check and correct students’ work regularly
  • Keep records of students’ scores
  • Communicate academic and behavioral progress to families through report cards and parent meetings
  • Support coworkers and maintain a positive and professional working environment


  • Passport From: USA, Can, UK, Aus, NZ, SA
  • No criminal record
  • Bachelor’s degree (any discipline)
  • Adaptability and a positive attitude


  • Teaching qualifications (Education degree, PGCE, etc.)
  • TEFL/TESOL training
  • Teaching experience