Our Teachers

Meet our Team

Our valued team members come from all over the world. We are a very dynamic and diverse team who value each other’s input, effort and success.

Elijah Lais

Head of Kindergarten

Teacher EJ is from Deep Creek Lake, Maryland and has been working abroad since 2014. He loves teaching and working with kids of all ages, and has been at Kindergarten for 6 years. EJ enjoys sports, hiking, reading, swimming, and exploring, so naturally he loves living and working in Thailand!

Scott Trimble

Head of primary & Secondary

Scott grew up in Connecticut and studied educational psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. He has taught at schools in the United States, Egypt, Japan, and Thailand. He loves to see AMC teachers use a variety of teaching strategies and games to get students excited about learning. In his free time, Scott likes to play golf and read science fiction. 

Michelle Weeks


Michelle Weeks is from Colorado, USA. She has lived in Nakhon si Thammarat Since April of 2018 and has been teaching in ENP since she started. The reasons she loves living in Thailand is because of the beautiful scenery how the people are so welcoming and friendly! She enjoys exercising and watching movies in her free time.

Jessica Lynne


Teacher Jessica has been living and working in Thailand since 2013. She teaches ENP 2. Jessica loves Thailand and its people. In her free time she enjoys arts and crafts, cooking, and walking all around so you may see her out and about!

Lorraine Kapp


Teacher Lolly comes from Richards Bay, South Africa and has been living in Thailand since May 2017. Teacher Lolly teaches K1/1. She Ioves Thailand’s friendly people, food and culture. In her free time she likes to cook and explore beautiful Thailand, especially the beach and sailing to all the beautiful islands.

Mackenzi Bell-Nugent


Teacher Kenzi from Colorado, USA. She has lived in Thailand for almost 2 years. Teacher Kenzi teaches K1/2 with Kru Chat. She loves everything about Thailand, especially the food and people! Teacher Kenzi has been dancing professionally for 7 years and loves to teach yoga and dance classes in her free time.

Cammy Orren


Teacher Cammy comes from Cape Town, South Africa and has been living in Nakhon Si Thammarat since April 2019. She teaches in K1 and loves working with Kru Monta and her cute kiddies. She loves beautiful Thailand and the friendly people.

Ali Thomson


Teacher Ali comes from California, USA. She has lived in Nakhon Si Thammarat since September 2020. She had to leave her two cats with her grandparents when she moved here as they didn’t have passports to travel to Thailand. She misses them every day! She dressed up as her cat Leo for Halloween.

Irene Underwood


Teacher Irene is from Oregon, USA and graduated in 2016 from The University of Oregon, go ducks! She has taught at Srithammarat Suksa for 4 years, and is a homeroom teacher for primary students in Grade 1. She loves the creative freedom she has as a teacher at Srithammarat Suksa. Her hobbies are cooking, playing volleyball and snuggling with her two adopted Thai rescue dogs.

Jess Young


Teacher Jess is from Johannesburg, South Africa and has been living in Thailand for 3 years now. She teaches K2 and absolutely adores her kiddos. She enjoys running, reading, planning, exploring & is obsessed with her cat, Chilli.

James Donaldson


Teacher Jamie has been living in Thailand for over 6 years. He loves teaching K2 and enjoys soccer, waking up at ridiculous hours in the morning to watch it!

Jared-Kevin Govender


Teacher Jared is from Durban, South Africa and has lived in Nakhon Si Thammarat since April 2018, teaching K2/4. Jared loves the people and culture in Thailand and in his free time he enjoys going to the gym and playing football.

Milly Cooksley


Teacher Milly comes from Somerset in England and has lived in Nakhon Si Thammarat since October 2019. She teaches K3/1 and loves it. She writes with her left hand but completes a lot of tasks with her right so she is essentially ambidextrous.

Jared Thomson


Teacher Jared is from the state of Colorado in America and has lived in NST since September 2020, teaching K3/2. He traveled through 20 different countries during his holidays, but this is his first time calling somewhere other than Colorado home!

Kayrtan Coetzer


Teacher KC comes from Johannesburg, South Africa and teaches K3/3. His real name is Kayrtan but people have trouble pronouncing it. Teacher KC freely dishes out high-5s and is very active but would rather be eating ham and cheese toasties on the couch.

Peter Wurtenberger


Teacher Peter is from Louisville, Kentucky, USA and has been living and working in Thailand since October 2019, teaching K3/4. He enjoys exploring new parts of the world, playing sports, taking pictures, and meeting new people. He thinks Nakhon Si Thammarat is a beautiful place to live and that the food is great!

Alexis Houdek


Teacher Alexis is from California but has been fortunate to call Nakhon her home for the past 3 1/2 years. She is a Gr1 homeroom teacher. She has adopted a Thai cat who she loves dearly. She has explored the beauty Thailand has to offer as well as visiting several other equally beautiful countries!

Erin McKinney


Teacher Erin is from Colorado USA. She teaches Grade 1. and adores them! She loves to hike, mountain bike, and snowboard. She has been traveling the world for 4 years. and lived in 3 different countries. Thailand is her favorite country because the people are so nice and the food is delicious.

William Dalley


Teacher Will is from Austin, Texas in the United States. He teaches Grade 2 homeroom, so he works with a group of 23 students teaching Math, Science, English, and Phonics. Will is taking Thai lessons here in Nakhon, and also trains Muay Thai after school.

Chris McKinney


Teacher Chris is from Tennessee, America. He teaches Grade 2. He loves spicy foods and scuba diving and loves travelling! Chris is super friendly and always has a smile on his face!

Steve Baker


Teacher Steve is from England and he teaches Grade 3. He has been working at Srithammarat Suksa School for over 10 years! The school supported him and helped him get his teaching diploma when he was 49 years old.

Brian Bear


Teacher Bear comes from America and teaches Grade 3. He started teaching in 2013 in K3. Teacher Bear enjoys playing music.

Francesca Osborne


Teacher Frankie is from Auckland, New Zealand. She has been living in Thailand for a long time, so long that she isn’t sure exactly how long it’s been. When she isn’t teaching, she likes to watch movies, read books and spend time with her cats. She loves living in Nakhon and will eat all (most of) the Thai food she can.

Kait Antelmi


Teacher Kait is from the USA and teaches Science and Health for Grades 5 & 6. She loves the beach, cooking, playing sports and traveling. She is in her third year of teaching here and feels very lucky to be surrounded by a group of hard working people that make this job fun and rewarding!

Nick Barkhuizen


Teacher Nick is from South Africa and has been teaching in Thailand since 2016. He is currently teaching grade 5 and 6 math with a focus on engaging students with technology based learning.

Jeremy Adam


Teacher Jeremy is Canadian. He’s been with Sithammarat Suksa school since 2007. He teaches in the Primary English Programme.

Alex Thomas


Teacher Alex is from England and teaches grade 6 & 7 science , even though he has a degree in history. He likes puzzles and chess!

Jake Poole


Teacher Jake is from England. He has lived in Thailand for 5 years now and teaches English Literature grades 10-12. In his spare time he likes to play football and video games.

Emma Hunter


Teacher Emma is from Cornwall, in the south-west of England. She teaches Grade 7 students. She fell in love with Thailand during a trip in 2007 and has returned to visit the country several times since the first trip. She loves the islands, beaches and countryside of southern Thailand!

Natalie Campbell


Teacher Natalie is from America and teaches maths and science to grades 10 and 11. Her favorite thing about teaching science is doing experiments and learning new things. Teacher Natalie likes to scuba dive and swim at the beach. She also likes to travel and explore new places!

Dillon Johnson


Teacher Dillon  is from California, USA and teaches Health and Sport for grades 7, 8, and 9.   He has been in Thailand for over three years!  From the amazing food to the friendly people, he loves everything about living and teaching in Nakhon.

Jorge Figueroa


Teacher Jorge is from Puerto Rico, USA. He speaks fluent English and Spanish. He has traveled 6 of the 7 continents. His favourite books include the colonization of the Americas and birth of European powers and he enjoys learning about other countries’ histories and teaching English and Social America to Grade 8.

Aart Jordaan


Teacher Aart is from South Africa and has been teaching in Thailand for 4 years! Teacher Aart enjoys keeping fit and travelling around on his motorbike! He particularly enjoys going to all the waterfalls in our area and exploring new serene beaches.

Olivier Torrent


Teacher Oli is from South Africa but also holds a Canadian passport! He has lived in Thailand for over 2 years. He loves traveling around and visiting new places. and his favourite hobby is hiking in nature and meeting new people.

Jan Kapp

main campus

Teacher Jan is from Richards Bay in South Africa . He came to Thailand in May 2017 and has loved every moment in this beautiful country . He teaches at the Main campus with awesome Thai teachers and students that amaze him every day. In his free time he enjoys visiting places of interest and sailing.

Marlon Henry

Main Campus

Teacher Marlon is from Liverpool, England. He has lived in Thailand for over 10 years and has been part of the Sri Thammarat Suksa team for over 7 years. He has worked in both the English and regular programs but is currently teaching English Communication in the normal program. His hobbies are anything related to technology and travel.

Grant Sobotker

main campus

Teacher Grant is from Cape Town, South Africa. He has lived in NST since September 2020 and teaches all of the M.1 (7th Grade) classes in the regular program. He loves Thailand for the food and the energy of the students that he teaches. In his spare time, Grant enjoys playing sports just like all of the other foreign teachers! 

Steve Johnson

main campus

Teacher Steve is from Canada and has lived in Nakhon Si Thammarat for many years. He teaches the regular mattayom program, M4 and M5. In his free time he enjoys reading and fermenting food.