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Looking for the perfect teaching opportunity?

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Based in a small yet bustling city in Southern Thailand, we’ve got all you’re looking for in an ESL teaching experience – and more! Make Nakhon Si Thammarat your new home!

Competitive Starting Salaries & Incentives
Supportive Working Environment
Paid Holidays & Perks

Our Programs

Kindergarten consists of students age 3 – 6! These students are learning how to interact with people and the world around them and are fairly dependent on you as a role model. If you like energy, songs, play, and a whole lot of fun, click here!

Primary consists of Grades 1 – 6. The students have learnt how to look after themselves and are discovering their unique personalities. If you like more structure, a variety of classes and less dependence, click here!

Secondary consists of Grades 7 – 12. These classes are usually a lot more mature and interesting as the students have the capability to do fun activities with little assistance. Click here if this interests you!


They are the people working to provide you the best experiences and will help guide you whenever they can.

Alec Ling

Head of Kindergarten

Teacher Alec, an American educator with 3 years of experience in Thailand, shaping young minds in K2 and K3. She’s captivated by the warmth of Thailand’s people and its stunning travel spots. Off-duty, catch her playing football, exploring cafes, and unwinding at the beach

Ron Doutt

Head of Primary

Teacher Ron, a seasoned educator hailing from the United States, bringing over 17 years of teaching expertise to Thailand. Ron has immersed himself in the vibrant culture, making Thailand his home. His passion for teaching shines through as he continues to inspire and educate.

Nick Barkhuizen

Head of Secondary

Teacher Nick, a dedicated educator from South Africa, making a mark in Thailand since 2016. Currently teaching Grade 12 in Math and Social Studies, Nick’s commitment extends beyond the classroom. With a dynamic approach, he engages ESL students by incorporating real-world applications, interactive discussions, and technology-driven activities. 

Teacher Jan
Jan Kapp

Head of Regular & EIP

Meet Teacher Jan, originally from Richards Bay in South Africa, now embracing the beauty of Thailand since May 2017. Teaching at the Main campus, Jan finds inspiration in the incredible Thai teachers and students who never cease to amaze him. Outside the classroom, you’ll find Jan exploring fascinating places and navigating the serene waters through his love for sailing.


I’ve been working at Suksa in K2 for 3 years now and I love it. I love how supportive the school is and the benefits at the school are some of the best in our city. We were only supposed to stay here for 1 year but we have fallen in love with NST and will probably stay as long as we can! I love all my colleagues and thanks to the school, have made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Jess Young; Kindergarten 2

Working for Suksa has been an awesome opportunity for fun and growth. I have met and made friends with colleagues from all around the world. The work load is not heavy and I have had so much fun with the students and teachers during school hours that it has barely feels like work. …………………………………………………


Kayrtan Coetzer, K3

I was meant to live in Thailand for a year and stayed for three! I’ve spent all three years at the Kindergarten campus for Suksa school. The school staff is supportive and friendly. I love working with the little kids. They love to say hello to all the foreign teachers and practice their English! I get an authentic Thai experience living in Nakhon while also having the benefit of a large foreign community. …………

Michelle Weeks, Nursery


Main Campus & Kindergarten: Ratchadamnoen Road, Nakhon si Thammarat

EP: Om Khai Road, Nakhon si Thammarat