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We are full staffed at the moment, but we will begin recruiting in December for new teachers to start in April or May 2020! 

New positions will be announced in December or January. 

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 Sithammarat Suksa School teachers are:

professional, FUN-loving,  open-minded, student-centered teachers…

that can work well on a team and handle the demands of living in a beautiful foreign country. We need teachers that are committed for a minimum of one year that are willing to adapt to Thai culture and willing to do what it takes to give our students the best possible education. Teachers will serve the needs of the school and parents while having fun and enjoying this beautiful country! Please scroll through the whole page as we have over 50 NES positions.

We have the very best benefits and consistently offer the best benefits in our area. Thus, we have several NES teachers that have been with us for several years, and retain a very high percentage of teachers each year (anyone in the ESL field knows this means a lot). We have in-house training, peer-to peer observations, professional development opportunities and a solid staff of English-speaking Thai teachers. We offer the highest pay scales in our area, along with airfare, large bonuses, attendance bonuses, health and accident insurance, 24hour teacher assistance, lunches, teacher offices, teacher lounges, private cafeteria and an environment that wants to make and keep our NES teachers happy.  Please see the Jobs available, Duties, Requirements, and Benefits all listed below. Then email with the How to Apply”specifics described at the bottom of the page. Thank you for looking.

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Early Years Program

This program requires unique individuals…

who possess a love of children, an outgoing personality, a willingness to sing and dance,
some early-years experience, team-working skills (with Thai and Native Speakers), creativity and dedication.

Our kindergarten teachers work with children aged between two and six, planning and carrying out activities in line with our Learning Criteria. This involves developing lesson plans that inspire and motivate children. All subjects are taught in English and we like to make our lessons really fun and creative. Each class has up to 25 students.

At kindergarten, our focus is on promoting the optimal development of our students in every way. It is our goal to instill a positive attitude to learning and provide a safe, secure environment in which to learn. We also build and maintain good relationships with parents and guardians to further support our students.

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching for a maximum of eighteen 30minute lessons per week (a total of nine hours);
  • Motivating and stimulating children’s learning abilities, often encouraging learning through experience;
  • Providing pastoral care (eg. supervising lunch, tooth-brushing etc.) and support to children and providing them with a secure environment to learn;
  • Developing and producing visual aids and teaching resources;
  • Organising learning materials and resources and making imaginative use of them;
  • Assisting with the development of children’s personal, social and language abilities;
  • Supporting the development of children’s basic skills, including physical coordination, speech and communication;
  • Encouraging children’s mathematical and creative development through stories, songs, games, drawing and imaginative play;
  • Developing children’s curiosity and knowledge;
  • Working with others, including the Thai teachers, teaching assistants etc. to plan and coordinate work both indoors and outdoors;
  • Sharing knowledge gained with other practitioners and parents;
  • Observing, assessing and recording each child’s progress, with twice yearly exams and reports;
  • Ensuring the health and safety of children is maintained during all activities;
  • Keeping up to date with changes in the curriculum and developments in best practice.
  • Maintain the positive ethos and core values of the school.
  • Attending in-service training

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Primary English Program

Candidates for the primary program must be patient, kind…

and have a love of learning.  The Primary Program (Prathom) consists of grades 1-6. This program forms the basisof the original English Programme and is consistently producing the Top Ranked students in our area. We were the first school in the area to operate an English Program for primary students and we feel the graduates speak for themselves (in English!).   The primary classes are capped at 30 students with each class having a Thai and Native Speaking homeroom teacher. Primary periods run for 50 minutes each  and the class day has a morning, lunch and afternoon break. This programme needs dedicated Education Professionals.
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Secondary English Program

The Secondary Program operates differently from the Primary program.  Secondary Program students come from a wide educational background including English Programmes, EIP and Thai Regular Programmes.

This presents challenges, opportunities, creative options and active teaching styles for educators with the ability to get involved.

The ideal candidate for the Secondary Program should be dedicated to improving students of all levels as well as the existing program, be adaptable and also be pro-active with curriculum changes. They should also have experience or possess TEFL training as well as a suitable background for the subjects they will teach. “Mathayom” or secondary classes are capped at 30 students per class, with several grade levels having more than one class. The periods are in 50 minute blocks with breaks throughout the day.

All NES teachers will have a “Homeroom” they will “help look after” with their Thai homeroom teacher counterpart. NES teachers are subject teachers, moving from class to class throughout the day teaching their respective subjects. Graduates in Math and Science fields are wanted for the upper secondary, but most importantly the candidates need to be open minded and ready to teach basic English.

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Main Campus


About Us:

Srithammarat Suksa school is a private Christian school in Nakon Si Thammarat, Thailand. Srithammaratsuksa is a well-established school with over 5000 students in K-12.

We have one of the largest English Programs in Southern Thailand. The English Program is now in its 16th year, and continuing to grow and improve in size, quality and reputation. We currently have about 45 Foreign teachers  from the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Our English Programme classes are limited to 30 students.  We work in a friendly and supportive environment on a beautiful tree-lined campus adjacent to a large city park. Read more

Our city, Nakon Si Thammarat, is an ancient trading capital with many modern/western conveniences: Internet, satellite TV, pizza, fast food, malls, super stores… you name it. Renting a house can be done for about 10-15% of monthly salary, leaving plenty to experience local culture in our medium-sized, NON-touristic Thai city. Beaches, mountains, caves and waterfalls are within a short drive, and the famous tourist meccas of Ko Samui, Ko Pa Ngan, Krabi and Phuket are a short drive away. However the town still has the “small town vibe” and is very much “real Thailand”. For more information on Nakon Si Thammarat, please see

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Requirements for canditates:

  • Passport From: USA, Can, UK, Aus, NZ, SA
  • Bachelors’ degree (any discipline)
  • Fun, Hardworking, positive, energetic individual


  • Teaching qualifications (Education degree, PGCE, etc.)
  • TEFL/TESOL training
  • Teaching experience


  • A competitive salary. The salary scale, beginning at 30,000-45,000 (for returning/experienced teachers) Thai baht per month is based on qualifications and experience.

  •  School pays for work permits, visa extensions and other documents
  • Medical, dental, dental and prescription drug insurance
  •  Yearly/Contract bonus 26,400 THB (for 12 month contracts)
  • One-Way Economy Airfare reimbursement OR 2,000THB/month stipend (English Programme only)
  •  Buffet Lunches provided in private dining room
  •  Attendance Bonuses
  •  Around 6 weeks of PAID holidays per year (up to 12 weeks for renewing teachers); over 170 days last year!!
  •  Modern air-conditioned classrooms and offices
  •  WiFi and free use of computers
  •  Training programs
  •  Orientation
  •  Fun/Laid Back environment
  • AND much much more!!!
1. Salary: The salary for a teacher starts at  30,000 Baht per month. Any teacher who has higher qualifications, extensive teaching experience or a special title or responsibility will be paid extra. The salary will be will be paid about two days before the end of each month.
2. Extra Teaching: Along with normal teaching hours there are special after-school classes and Saturday
morning classes. These classes are optional for teachers and assistants. Teachers will be offered the
opportunity to teach these extra classes after the successful completion of the three month probation
2.1 Teaching Day-Camp during April is also optional for returning teachers. The number of classes taught and the pay earned varies from year to year and is given in addition to the regular salary. This applies only to teachers who have signed a contract to teach the following year. For teachers just beginning or ending their contracts there is no additional pay and camp teaching is mandatory.
3. Special Bonus: Teachers who have children can enroll them in the school’s regular Thai programme
without cost if so desired. Those desiring to enroll their children in the English Programme will pay 90%
of the normal fees.
4. Lunch: A free lunch is provided daily by the school.
5. Medical/Dental/Prescription Drug Insurance of 20,000 Baht per year.
6. Airfare (English Programme teachers only): The school will refund the incoming airfares of teachers who sign a contract for one or more years. The ticket should be economy class and with a reasonably priced airline. Cost is reimbursed after 90 days of work. For teachers hired while already in Thailand, 2000 baht per month will be added to salary in lieu of airfare reimbursement.
7. Performance Bonus: The school will pay an end of contract bonus of up to 26,400 Baht upon the satisfactory completion of each year’s contract. Amount of bonus will be determined by the teacher’s performance in accordance with the job description in this contract. The Discipline Policy will be explained clearly in writing to all teachers.
8. School Holidays: Besides the officially recognized holidays, there are four weeks vacation time in
April and about three weeks in October except where there are meetings and workshops scheduled.
Teachers will be informed prior to the workshop seminars. From time to time the school may
schedule seminars and/or meetings during the holiday period. However the school will attempt to provide
sufficient or adequate notice about such events.

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Duties and Responsibilities of Teachers:

– attend staff meetings
– help with the design and revision of curriculum, policies, etc.
– responsible for the learning and supervision of your students
– keep a file of all worksheets given to students
– write daily lesson plans for each subject
– teach all scheduled classes
– have lesson plans available for the assistant, should you be absent
– make worksheets, quizzes, tests, etc., to supplement ready-made materials
– make and prepare materials for lessons
– see that all work (books and /or sheets) are checked and corrected regularly
– keep records of students’ scores, class-work, homework, etc.
– record assessment of academic performance and behavior each month
– photo-copy worksheets, tests, etc
– follow up students who have not completed work
– support co-workers and maintain a positive and professional working environment.
– Preform any reasonable request made by any member of management
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 How to Apply

Applications should be made by email

Please be sure to include the job title you are interested in as the subject line of your e-mail.

If you are applying for a job, please attach the following:

  •  a cover letter stating why you would make a great member of our team. 
  • Please attach your FULL resume so that we may know if you are a fit for other positions that might be available.
  • Please include 3 reference e-mails addresses and one close family member’s email.
  • You should also attach a recent photograph and a scanned copy of your passport information page.
  • A copy of your degree and transcripts if available (for VISA/Work Permit purposes).

Please email for more details!