July Update

What a great start to our 2011-2012 school year! We have had our EV 1’s and the students have settled into our new campus well. We are so blessed to have such a large and beautiful facility.
We are now preparing for Sports Day and look forward to all the fun activities on July 9th. If you are free, please come join all the festivities at the sports field on that day. Also, please come see our sport day parade at 8:30 on July 9th. The entire school will be represented and the costumes are sure to be beautiful.

We are rapidly approaching the mid-term, so stay diligent and keep up the good work. We hope everyone is having a great school year so far and has found time to visit the new campus.
God Bless everyone!

Welcome to the E.P. School and New School Year.


WOW! We have been so busy with the new school, new students, and new teachers, it has been awesome! The new campus looks great and everyone is loving all the new space. There are 12 new NST staff members, along with all the returning teachers to may 34 total NST teachers! Counting the Thai staff the is 66 teachers in the English Programme. The students have been writing and talking about how much they love their new campus and all the great changes it has brought. We had the grand opening last week, which was attended by several VIP guest from the Ministry of Education, and the Church of Christ in Thailand. We are sure the new campus will be a blessing to all the students and to Nakorn Si Thammarat in general. We are busy jumping into the next term and getting settled into our new classrooms and offices, but will be updating with pictures and students work very soon. We welcome everyone to come by and see our new campus on the Om Kai Road just north of town across from the Mazda shop. It is big and beautiful. We also invite all NST (or anyone willing) to come by and see what great working conditions we have and join us for Ultimate Frisbee on Tuesday at 5:50pm and Football on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. It is a great time for teachers to come know each other and get some great exercise. And, as usual, all students visiting this page don’t forget to post something for a special prize. God’s love to you all, and blessing on a great new term!

Finals for 2010-2011

Well it has been a year to remember. Ups and downs with the sadness of losing one of our teachers. Angelo, we love you and miss you. But, the end is here and we will focus on the positive, as usual.

We are so proud of all our students, and happy to say they are all completing their work and most have done great! All of our students have tested and recived high marks and been excepted to their school of choice. Great Job Guys! Almost all our classes are full and we have opened up two new classes in the E.P. and We will be introducing our new English Immersion Programme (a cross between regular and EP) in the new term. We have already filled 6 class in this new program for grades 4-6, and will be offering a mini EIP to grades 7 and 8.

We are also gearing up for the move to the new campus. This is so exciting and a good way to show the effort we make with our students to build the best program we can. The move might be a little difficult at first, but being in a new facility with all new computers, sports equipment, science rooms and our own English speaking campus will be GREAT for our program. We can’t wait to build more and help more students enjoy and use the English language to develop their studies.

Also I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers in the English Programme that have made this year such a success. We have an awesome team and are truely blessed to have such a good group of educators with us. We still have a few slots left on our team if you would like to join us. Please have a look at the recruitment page and send us and email to jobs@epamc.com

We have two groups of students leaving for Singapore and Malaysia next week. Then our annual Summer Camp starts on April 4. If you would like the join the camp you may send an email or see you Thai site at www.sss.ac.th

We wish everyone a happy summer break and hope to see you next term at the new school!

The New Year

With the New Year of 2011, comes looking forward to the New School Year of 2011-2012. We are inviting teachers that would like an opportunity to work in a great school located in a beautiful country to please apply to jobs@epamc.com. As with the nature of ESL teaching in Thailand, each school year we experience a turnover in teachers. The contracts are for one year, starting in March or April and continuing until March or April of 2012. This gives teachers a great opportunity to experience a new culture and understand the demands of teaching English and other subject matter in another country. We have several teachers staying on for the 2nd-9th year, but will also be looking to fill several positions. This is the first (an open) call for employment, with exact job details to be followed toward the end of next month. Please see our recrutiment page for more details about the school, compesation and benifits of working with us. We encourage fun-loving, energetic degree holders that enjoy working in a fun yet professional environment to apply ASAP. Candidates with TESOL certification and  experience will be given preference but are not required for all positions. Srithammarat is a full bilingual English Programme, which means will be hiring teachers to teach all subject matter (PE, Art, Computers, Science, Math…..)not only ESL to grades from Kindergarten-G12. If you feel you have what it takes to become part of our team, please send a full CV, cover letter and recent photo to jobs@epamc.com
Happy New Year!!!

English Programme The Best students in Competition Year 2010

 1. Mr.Kittipop Sungyim Grade 1 got “Yamaha Silver Prize”(classical Piano) from “Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2011” at Central Phuket.

 2. Mr.Patorn Parimontarat Grade 7 got “Yamaha Silver Prize”(classical guitar) from “Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2011” at Central Phuket.

 3. Miss Yanisa Inruksa Grade 2 got “ Bronze Award” from “ International Children’Drawing Contest” in Japan.

4. Miss Pichamon Artchawapadungsit Grade 3 got the first prize from “English Contest 17th ” at Srithammaratsuksa School.

 5. Miss Sadudee Yuttiwat Grade 3 got the first prize from “English Contest 17th ” at Srithammaratsuksa School.

 6. Miss Sirada Dateratthanawichi Grade 6 got the first prize from “English Contest 17th ” at Srithammaratsuksa School.

Happy Holidays!!

Srithammarat would like to wish everyone a happy Thai Fathers’ Day, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As you can see December is a month with many holidays and lots of activities! We have had Fathers’ Day celebration and vacation. We will be having constitution day vacation. We will then be practicing for Christmas shows and then Christmas vacation! What a great month!
November was packed full and all students are off to a great start with good all around EV 1 scores. We would also like to say thanks to all the 500+ participants in the English Contest. Srithammarat had many great students, but several other school did very well and even better than ours. Great job to all the students from the southern provinces of Thailand.

English Contest

The Annul Srithammarat Suksa English Contest is almost here! The date has been set as December 4th. Any students or schools interested are advised to contact the regular program at 075-356565 or their website www.sss.ac.th
 The English Contest has been going for over 10 years and is one of the most sought prizes in south Thailand. Students from Kindergarten to G.12 are encouraged to apply. The English Programme is not involved with the English Contest, but does encourage all of our students to participate. Last year over 18 schools and 7 English Programs were represented from 6 provinces! We hope it will be another great turnout and great experience for the students.
Good Luck to all contestants and ALL the schools who join in the Srithammarat Suksa English Contest. Test times start as early as 9am on Dec 4th. So practice up!

Eco Challenge

Last month we had several students send in Essays and Drawings for the Ecology Contest sponsored by Piboon Publishing, Chevron, and STG Manufacturing. We are very proud that 8 of our students were recognized and won a place in the annul Ecology Artwork and Essay Catalog. Their pictures and work will be published and shown all around Thailand. Each of the students received a nice package of gifts and certificates from the company.

Congradulations to: Juntawan Tanpichart, Kamonkan Wongkatesada, Kanokwan Aiednimit, Lutthanan Jundarat, Thanakorn Sang-arun, Kanaphong Jiranaparat, Surapa Kongjan, Kasidech Tonpichart. Great Job Guys!!! Have a look of the examples of their work.

October Update

October is our Mid-Term break and it was a great one! The students and teachers all returned on the 26th with so many great stories and good attitudes. We are preparing a new page for the website so that teachers may share their experiences here while on vacation. We hope it will be up and running soon. With all the great travel opportunities the new page should be a good place to see what is around Sithammarat Suksa School, Thailand and Southeast Asia as a whole.

The students were also busy during the break with many students going to Bangkok and other places to take placement tests and sit practicals.
There was also a great school trip to Ko Samui Where the students and Thai staff had a great time relaxing together and doing “tourist” style activities. Although it was meant as a fun trip it was also very educational for both the Thai teachers and students. Everyone seemed to have a great time and we are looking forward to the next school trip to Chang Mai. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to travel together as a school with teachers and students in a fun environment that is so enjoyable for everyone. Please have a look at the photo gallery to see a few of the pictures and fun time we had.

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

We pray everyone has had a great mid-term vacation and are well rested and excited for the new term. Term 2 started today, Oct 26, and will run through mid-March. It is always a fun, exciting and fast term. So jump in and keep up the great work!

We look forward to any write ups about the awesome vacations I’ve heard so much about. So many teachers doing so many fabulous things like elephant camp, wake board parks, tropical island parties, river rafting, trekking, mountain biking,  Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Indonesia.  Thailand is truly an awesome place, and now with all the budget carriers, all of Asia is easily assessable.

The students will be sharing their vacation stories as well in the form of school projects and poster boards for decorating classrooms. We look forward to hearing all those stories (in English) and working together once again.

Keep an I on the website for updates and let us know what you like and what you don’t.

Coming up this term are University entrance exams, O-Net,  NTs, EP show, tutoring, activity day plus a slew of holidays (yeah).